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Breaking the Cycle of Domestic Violence:What Role Do You Play?

Domestic violence has become one of the most controversial topics across social media. People take to their social media platform of choice to point the finger, place blame, question why persons remain in violent relationships, or express distress at the prevalence of domestic violence. Some courageous survivors have come forth using #whyistayed to bring a […] Read More

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Seven Truths About ADHD

Seven Truths About ADHD thumbnail

ADHD has gained increasing sensationalist media attention, which often leads people to form opinions that aren’t always supported by research. This leaves many of us feeling lost and confused about ADHD, what it means for our youth, and what it means for adults and parents. If you or someone you care about has been struggling […] Read More

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Workplace Bullies–What Can You Do?

Workplace Bullies–What Can You Do? thumbnail

If you’re breathing then most likely you have been exposed to bullying. As a society, we are all very aware of bullying in schools.  When kids face the challenges associated with bullies we encourage them to seek out the help of responsible adults.  We talk to our kids about love, acceptance, and tolerance.  We tell […] Read More

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