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Teens Counseling


Adolescence can be overwhelming and confusing. It is a time of rapid change in all parts of a young person’s life. Their bodies are growing, hormones are in flux, peer relationships become central and the need to define themselves becomes paramount. This is not only something that anyone parenting or even in the proximity of an adolescent knows through experience, it is a fact that has now been heavily researched and supported by studies from many universities and the National Institute of Mental Health.

The parts of the brain that are responsible for self-control, judgment, the regulation of emotions and even the ability to organize are undergoing the greatest amount of change from the onset of puberty until adulthood. Given this, it stands to reason that adolescents that are sometimes impulsive and reckless using poor decision making skills and emotionality to navigate their way through this tumultuous storm.

From time to time, adolescents can find themselves in situations that are not what they have intended. Frustrated parents and overwhelmed youth can benefit greatly from the expertise provided from counselors experienced in working with adolescent clients. Our counselors have that experience and are able to assist families as they are managing normal adolescent adjustments or even those with more complex clinical presentations. Let the staff of The Stone Foundation, through a combination of individual, family and group therapy, support you in developing the perspective necessary to successfully work with the adolescent in your life. Parenting is delayed gratification, and the time we invest in their development now, will pay off greatly when we see a well-adjusted adult emerge on the other side of the adolescent cocoon.

What Our Clients Say

My daughter is currently in therapy here and she loves it. I've seen improvement in her awareness of bad behavior. If I could get her to actuallt do the coping technique, it would probably be even better. It has only been a couple months but overall nothing bad to say about The Stone Foundation. Based on other reviews, maybe it's different for children vs adults.


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